‘Supporting you through life stresses to emerge as the person you wish to be’

“I had spent many months dealing with issues relating to my Fathers death and the impact on my Mothers mental and physical health. During Covid the company I worked for was forced to downsize and I took redundancy. I downsized after almost 35 years in the same house and the stress of the move was just one step too far. I found sleeping very difficult and began using alcohol as a sedative. I sought help regarding my alcohol use and hoped that hypnotherapy could help me understand my mental state and provide me with future coping strategies – thankfully it was very successful. Jo was recommended to me by a mutual friend – we are not co-located but I found that remote therapy over Zoom worked really well for me. I was very sceptical at the start of the process and was hardly able to string a sentence together – however by understanding the function of the key areas of the brain and provided with examples, tools and strategies, I was able to drag myself out of the mire and see myself and the world in a different more positive light. I can now function again, possibly better than I’ve been for years and I’m able to enjoy life to the full whilst appreciating everything around me. More importantly I can spot when things are starting to slip and have strategies to cope and regain that positive feeling. Thank you so much for your guidance and support. I will definitely come back for refresher sessions in the future and will be the first to recommend your services if I come across anyone who needs help” Trevor

“I got in touch with Jo when I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with life – work, covid, family… I was feeling under pressure and unsure how to deal with the anxiety. I felt sure Jo would give me an opportunity to work through some things which were causing the overwhelm; but it was also important that she’d give me some techniques to use when I felt under pressure. Jo is easy to talk to, calm and supportive. Her approach to her therapy gave me real confidence and I felt that my understanding of the process was important, she really helped with that. I got so much out of the sessions, Jo gave me the opportunity to work through whatever I needed to – some concerns from current situations and some from experiences in the past. Thank you so much for your help and support Jo, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone have a conversation about how you could help them.” Natalie

“I came to Jo feeling down and struggling with everyday issues, everything seemed too much, and I wasn’t able to cope with things as well as I thought I should have done. As a male I found it difficult to confront things, however Jo guided me with a number of techniques to enable me to deal with issues and daily stresses, and I’m delighted to say they all really helped, combined with the hypnotherapy sessions I was a lot more relaxed, happier and managed to take more time for myself as well as changing my outlook and seeking the positives in situations. I couldn’t have asked for more! Highly recommended, don’t hesitate to speak to Jo.” JB

I was referred to you through an NHS service aimed at helping staff who had been experiencing various issues due to working through the pandemic. I didn’t know what to expect but I can’t tell you what a difference your intervention has made to me. I was suffering massively from stress and anxiety and was coping only by drinking too much. You gave me back a sense of control and helped me on a much more permanent basis than I have ever experienced. If I find myself low and tense now, I can use some of the techniques you gave me. I listen to the recording of one of our sessions and things go back into the right place but more than that you have helped me change my outlook. I am really feeling the benefit of talking to my inner self in a kinder, more compassionate way and reminding myself of the positives helps me so much more than I would ever have thought, and it speaks to my intellect too. Thank you so, so much. I would recommend you to EVERYONE! – Christianne

“Having suffered work-based anxiety over a period of years and having a long spell of feeling great I suddenly had a relapse. I visited Jo after suffering from anxiety over a period of months and realising I needed to nip it in the bud. I booked 6 sessions and found after the second session I was already working towards feeling much better. By the time I’d finished my last session I was pretty much back to normal and very thankful to Jo for all her help. I found Jo excellent at what she does and would fully recommend using her services.” – Michael

“Our 10-year-old daughter was having some issues with anxiety. She was having anxiety attacks and was worrying about the move to secondary school. We booked her in for a few sessions with Jo, who has helped her to overcome this anxiety to such an extent that she is no longer worried about secondary school, she has not had any anxiety attacks since her first visit, and Jo has also helped her to overcome a traumatic event from a couple of years ago. These sessions have made our daughter so much happier and more positive. The change in her is incredible. We can’t thank Jo enough.” – Pip

“I chose hypnotherapy due to having some ongoing issues with self-confidence, low self-esteem and anxiety at both a personal and professional level, a combination of which were contributing to significant personal unhappiness.Jo came highly recommended and has helped me to understand the cause of these negative feelings, find positive ways of both processing them and identifying them early on, and given me an intellectual insight into why they manifested. The sessions are always very insightful and relaxing.There has been a massive improvement in my mental health and happiness since beginning the sessions, I have far more self-confidence and a positive outlook in general, to name a few this has led to, better performance and concentration at work, a far better sleep pattern and importantly for me, the ability to enjoy rest and relaxation. I can’t recommend the hypnotherapy highly enough.” – Craig

“Well I don’t know where to start, other than to say a massive thank you to Josephine for all your help over the last year. I was very fortunate to be referred to Josephine through Frontline 19 a charity who provided emotional and physiological support for front line health care staff. When I was referred to Josephine I was really struggling to cope with the stresses and anxieties of working in a pandemic in my work environment but also the pressures of being a mum with a young family, trying to juggle work and family life during a pandemic. I cannot thank Jo enough for her support, care and professionalism. You really helped me out more than you will know. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jo’s hypnotherapy” Emily

“My daughter and I have had a phobia of blood since being very young, After a few sessions with Jo we have noticed an amazing difference! This change has had such a positive impact on both of our lives, especially my daughter, she thinks Jo is a miracle worker” Claire

“I started visiting Jo for solution focused therapy was because of a thick mind fog brought on by not being where I felt I wanted to be in life. I knew what I wanted to be doing, but felt too mentally lost to start, which only made me more lost. Over the course of our sessions, Jo helped me look on the positive side and free myself from my own restrictive behaviour to find my way and start down my creative career path.” Thomas

“Jo is a lovely lady who has helped me no end through the power of hypnotherapy.  Not only have I overcome some anxiety issues, I am now able to walk past a spider and not be bothered, whereas previously I would have screamed, cried, sweated, burnt the house down!” Jo

“I have been very impressed with my sessions with Jo.  I am happy to say that I have stopped smoking cigarettes, without “climbing the walls”! I have smoked since I was a young teenager, rising to over 45 a day for the past 20 years, but the sessions have taught me how to control my brains insistence to smoke. I cannot commend her more highly.  Thanks Jo.” Ron


“Thank you Jo for working with me to keep me sane throughout lockdown! I was struggling with unhealthy eating patterns and you helped me to release the unhealthy associations with food and build new positive ones that have made me feel in control of my eating choices again. I have started to prioritise time for me and have built a routine of exercising and cooking to support my ongoing health and wellbeing. You were so understanding in each session and explained the science of the mind beautifully, even accompanied with fantastic zoom doodles! I now realise the importance of positive actions, interactions and thoughts and am conscious of making sure I have some of these every day. You helped me more than you will ever realise and I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone that wants to make positive changes to their world.” CB

“I started going to Jo to help with my anxiety and depression; the sessions really helped give me a boost at first but then they started to change my life, made me realise it was ok to have a bad day and gave me the tools to make the bad days shorter and the good days more frequent. Jo also helped with my panic attacks and cured my phobia of wearing a Face mask due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Jo is friendly and caring. She makes you feel instantly welcome and always listens. The therapy was extremely relaxing and life changing. Thank you Jo.” GB

‘Solution Focused Hypnotherapy does ‘exactly what it says it does’ to paraphrase a well-known slogan. Jo certainly has helped me to find my own solutions to my anxiety which was the reason I contacted her in March this year, just before lockdown. The added bonus is that I’ve also been able to manage the adverse effects of perfectionism. Yes – there really is such a thing! Then when our family received the most distressing news we could during lockdown, I somehow managed to stay calm and focused when I needed to and to make the best of the precious little time we had.

With Jo’s help, I no longer worry about the things over which I’ve no control. This used to be anything from the latest world events to what I might’ve done or said yesterday and if it was good enough or it was the wrong thing to say.

Most importantly though, I’ll be forever grateful to Jo for helping me find the inner strength to talk to Dad on his mobile with love in my voice but not sadness because that would’ve upset him. I wrote his eulogy and was able to concentrate on the words without worrying about every syllable and punctuation so it could come from the heart. I didn’t get upset when someone thought we were going to a wedding instead of a funeral or anxious when we were diverted off the A1. I also managed to say the eulogy myself – not perfect but definitely heartfelt. Thank you so much for everything Jo’ – Helen

‘Having never been to a therapist before, I turned to Jo in desperate need of help when I was suffering from depression and anxiety due to a medical condition, lack of sleep and the feeling that I could not get my life back in control.  Her friendly manner made it easy for me to communicate with her.  The sessions, which I found calming, got me back in control of my thoughts and actions.  I now have a more positive outlook on my life and feel that I am back in control.  I have nothing but sincere gratitude for the help Jo gave me.’ Ken

‘As a long-standing customer of Jo’s she asked if I wanted to be part of her training to become a hypnotherapist. We discussed what it could do for me and I agreed. I have been a long-term sufferer from depression, mental traffic and a few sad family issues of late. I have trouble sorting negatives from positives and tend to bury myself in a hole or upset a lot of people along the way. I was very open minded and was fascinated to learn about the brain and why I do the things I do. The trance gives me things I need each time thus I often say “have you added a new bit?” To which the answer is always No, but it’s my mind using what it needs from it. Jo is calming, professional and a great listener and I personally have come such a long way with her therapy. My sleep is better, my mood is better, and I let go of things to be that better person. I can’t thank you enough.’  Pamela A  

‘My Tinnitus was a constant cause of anxiety as I would avoid bedtime until I was absolutely shattered not wanting to have to suffer the constant high pitched sound through my ears. Following Jo’s treatment I can now distract myself from the sound and sleep is far more forthcoming. An absolute relief and a surprise as I was quite sceptical this could be achieved. Would recommend this treatment and would also be keen to try it to overcome my fear of heights. I have become a Hypnotherapy convert and suggest it to anyone with conditions that are treatable. Thanks Jo!’  Tracey M 

‘After having to take some time out of university due to anxiety and having tried various different therapies which weren’t successful, I went to see Jo. She was patient, professional, and was very passionate and concerned with helping me gain the confidence and ability to take control and overcome my anxiety’s. Each session I felt relaxed and with her help I was able to develop techniques to overcome my worries. Even out of the sessions, the recording Jo gave me, meant I could draw upon the sessions and feel relaxed at home whenever I needed it. Not only have I now been able to return to university, I have gained invaluable skills to help me to tackle stressful situations in a more positive way.’ Georgina B

'We all have the ability to change'