Don’t worry it is not the same as a stage hypnotist, we won’t be brain washing you into thinking of chocolate as something you dislike, stopping you eating it! You will be fully conscious and in control the whole time.

There is no diet plan to follow, we look for a more long-term change by educating you about how the brain thinks about food and our relationship to it- in particular, comfort / stress eating. The hypnotherapy enables the subconscious mind to make positive changes by focusing on feeling good and how to achieve that, rather than focusing on the problem.

Having the knowledge as to why we repeat patterns of behaviour that you know are unhealthy is powerful and we give you simple, practical steps so you find what works to change these patterns. When we feel good, we naturally make better choices about food and exercise; it’s getting the right Mind Body balance.

Each week we will reveal more information to you, such as:

  • the effect of Challenge stress vs Threat stress and comfort eating
  • how a lack of sleep plays a part in weight gain
  • we look at the brain chemicals and hormones, and why they are important in relationship to weight management
  • what happens in our brains when we create a pattern of behaviour.
  • …..and more!
  • We end the sessions with a relaxing and enjoyable hypnosis technique, hearing words which allow you to open and access your subconscious mind, focusing in on achievable positive solutions.


Although we don’t prescribe, recommend, or comment about different diet plans, you are more than welcome to follow a diet plan, whatever works for you as everyone is different; the hypnotherapy sessions will help with your willpower.


This is a collaborative process; it is important to understand that the change happens because YOU want it to.

When and where are the classes?

Every week, for a 6-week course, £60 for the course, 7.30pm-8.30pm on Zoom videocall. Upon registration and full payment taken the Zoom link will be sent to you which will be the same link for the full 6 weeks. The next course starts on Tuesday 9th November 2021.

During the sessions

Make sure you are sitting somewhere comfortably, you will need to view the screen to see the PowerPoint presentation, then sit or lie down for the relaxation.


How do I register?

Click here to contact me. I will send you the registration form and payment details.

Individual sessions or group?

I offer 1:1 sessions for weight management where you will have the individual attention and benefit of the techniques and tools to help you move forward, or you can join the group classes, whichever suits your needs. For more information about the individual hypnotherapy sessions, visit my blog about What is solution focused hypnotherapy?

Comments from the course:

“After a tough school drop off I saw someone eating a chocolate croissant and thought ooh I deserve that, then with my logical thoughts I’ve come home and given myself 30mins on the cross trainer!”

“I was eating dinner and I decided I wasn’t hungry anymore, I was comfortably full so I didn’t finish my entire plate of food!”

“I slept for half an hour after the session finished, then had the best night sleep too”